easiest way to make passive income online

The Easiest Way To Make Passive Income Online

The Easiest Way To Make Passive Income Online is something that many are seeking and pursuing to grow online. We have been on the pursuit for the fastest, and easiest ways to grow passive income as well. We have been looking for the easiest and most effective way to help others with growing passive income too.

As well helping people grow and achieve stable passive income online through an online business. I wanted to find something that wasn’t like traditional investing. Traditional retirement investing is great and all, but it’s a longer-term strategy. Investing in the retirement accounts takes decades of consistent investing to really grow a sustainable income with. It is a great long-term plan, but it is not the best way to grow passive income short-term.

So we began researching and hunting for the easiest way to make passive income online so that we can grow it over the course of a year or two to eventually diversify our income for one, but mainly replace our current income to be able to live the “passive income lifestyle, and live life on our terms again. We want to be free to be 100% self employed running our business, youtube channel, blog, courses, products, and services.

What we wanted was to be able to work from anywhere. It is our dream in the process to be able to live on our terms and travel as a family. Our dream is to be able to travel when and where we please when we please. And to be able to travel without having to ask anyone for permission. We actually accomplished this as you know and lived traveling and completely on our terms for 7 straight months. Make sure you check out the blog post on How To Overcome Adversity And Hard Times Here for what the update was on that.

Watch the video below:

In this video below for this post, I talk about the easiest way is to create a passive income online. I have seen many people start and grow a passive income that replaces their income in a fairly short period of time with this method. As I talk about in the full video this online business that we are starting as well now is Kindle Publishing.

Over the years we have seen many newbies and successful entrepreneurs alike grow great passive income through Kindle Publishing. Now of course everything takes work, dedication, and fouces. We are not talking about some “get rich quick” method, and will never preach or condone that. We work, and we work hard for our income, but WE LOVE IT! At the end of the day it’s about loving and being passionate and fulfilled by what you do.

We have been so impressed by how Kindle Publishing has allowed even some complete newbies to have success. We have seen replace their income within even a single year! One guy Ollie in our facebook Kindle Mastermind group actually just hit $13,000 per month passive income! He did this in his Kindle Publishing business, and he actually only started 4 months ago!

Now that is crazy, and awesome. Yea, these results within only 4 months are not typical, but it just shows what is truly possible with Kindle Publishing.  I have seen MANY people hit these numbers with Kindle Publishing over the course of 1-2 years. So we are now putting it to the test, and we are going to share our results and journey with you!

We want to prove if Kindle Publishing really is as great as many say it is. We are going to be completely transparent with our journey to help and inform you all on this method as well. This is the only way we believe in being with others, no bs transparent. Our passion is the HELP others, to help people like YOU achieve your dreams. We want to help YOU succeed, our passion is seeing YOU accomplish YOUR dreams!

Make sure you watch the video above for this post on The Easiest Way To Make Passive Income Online! If you want to watch it on our Freedom Life Now YouTube Channel you can do so by just clicking here.

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